"Throughout the previous 500 years, local people of Nongriat in Meghalaya, India have grown a few hundred scaffolds over the district's various water channels, using simply the roots of nearby ribber trees. A portion of the bridges stretch out more than 100 feet long and are sufficiently solid to backing more than 50 individuals at once."

Vienna tries to seduce visitors with its lavish cold and Old World charm. Mysterious cathedrals tower over richly ornamented baroque buildings and copper-dome palaces from the glory days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The rommmmantic city is famous for its coffee, horse rides with its rich musical tradition—symphony, opera and philharmonic orchestra. Walking down the narrow cobblestone streets of the city’s historic First District, one can almost hear the classical compositions of Mozart, Schubert, and Strauss in the melodic clatter of old-style horse carriages.

I did not expect to fall in love with Vienna’s night life.....Dancing and chilling out of the highest quality-after all Vienna’s night life is the world famous. I celebrated my new year in Vienna. The city became a whirl of concerts and events. The old city center turns out to be a huge party zone. The Government encourages, promotes and funds many string of events. It was my best new year. Soooo I think I have said much and now want to wind up without eating your timmmmmme. I want to complete it wait a phrase saying that everything in Vienna is always like NOW OR NEVER

 Prague is a fascinating tale city which is bound to transport you into the ancient era with its beautiful castles, carved cathedrals, old bridges, museums, fabricated streets, numerous gardens and lots more.   I have been very lucky to visit this city and explore many parts and aspects of this charming city.

I have explored this city by walking aimlessly all across and discovering its hidden alleys, sights, sounds, cafes, courtyards and art. This city has so much to offer, that it can overwhelm any traveler on their first visit. It turned out to be the most beautiful and the best place for me.

What attracted me the most is that at every step I found little pieces of historical European Architecture. I couldn’t take my hands off my camera and eyes from the scenery
Hellow…..Here I come again with my trip to swissssssssss…Been there with my childhood friend and her family. We started our journey from Stuttgart in Germany by car.  The drive on German highways is excellent. The beautiful scenes of country side attract you. As we get close to Switzerland…heights of fog increased and that made our travel a bit hard and finally we reached Grindelwald. from Grindelwald we started our journey to Jungfraujoch by train.
The wonders begin almost as soon as we leave the train station, and the train runs through the Alps, and we can see the beautiful landscape of the huge mountains, sometimes sprinkled with small villages, houses and animals. It continues till we reach our destination and step out of the train and into Jungfraujoch station, which is entirely carved inside the rock. Once we step out of the station it was all white white white……everything  is covered with snow, as I am passionate of capturing pictures I tried to work with my cam, but the cool breezes and the temperature did not allow me. There are restaurants, an Indian restaurant as well, Souvenir shops and many more .There was a chocolate shop too. Which one should definitely try. We spent around 3-4 hours playing there and it took us another few hours back down.After a long day in a super cold temperature, nothing is better than an Indian food with a class of rum.With that we had a super ending to our trip. And if you are planning a trip to swiss…..do visit Jungfraujoch 


Been to parisssssssssss……sexy city, with lots of history and don’t worry im not going to start with its history… There are just a handful of cities in the world represented so strongly by an icon as Paris and the Eiffel Tower…..it was huge and beautiful. My eyes are stuck on it as if I am seeing the beautiful lady of my life…..She is unique, unforgettable,
doesn’t matter how many reviews you have read, or how much you know about the history of her construction….I bet you will just keep your mouth wide open and stare ….you may think why people relate it with love when it is no way connected…and her beauty and uniqueness answers you .
We tried to go on to the top floor but cool breeze stopped us to explore and feel its beauty to the peek….on the first floor there is ice skating and that was adorable. It was my first time… slipped almost 15 times I bleed but tried tried tried and got my gripppp and I am proud to say that Eiffel tower became my platform to skate

Amsterdam is one of the greatest small cities in the world. From Amsterdam canals to world-famous Amsterdam museums and historical Amsterdam sights, it is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe. Canal cruises are a popular way to see the city from the perspective of its canals.

Amsterdam is also a city of tolerance and diversity. It has all the advantages of a big city: rich culture, lively Amsterdam nightlife, international restaurants, good transport - but is quiet, and largely thanks to its extensive canals, has a little road traffic. In this city your destination is never far away, but get a bike for an authentic local experience.

Amsterdam nightlife:
As the evening falls, Amsterdam starts to sparkle, especially on the nice spring and summer days. While all cinemas and theaters are busy, Amsterdam night clubs, cafes and restaurants are full of joyful, friendly crowd. Famous Red Light District, not far from the Dam square, is invaded by groups of tourists. They come here to observe working girls exhibiting their charms in the brightly lit windows. This is also an area of many nightclubs, small restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam
The various governments till now have failed to truly uplift the backward sections of the society and failed to provide them with equal opportunities even after 60 years of independence. Freedom and application of a reservation policy, has changed nothing. In reality, reservation has failed at all fronts. Not only has it failed to achieve the desired aim of bringing the non-privileged classes into mainstream, it has marginalised them all the more and deepened the caste system even more. Moreover, reservations is now used not as an effective means of eliminating discrimination but as a vile instrument of increasing the vote-bank.

Barren Island: has the only active volcano in South Asia, it was erupted more than 10 times and recently  in 2011. This volcanic island is one of the major tourist attraction of Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Dandakaranya - The Jungle Of Punishment:
                           is a spiritually significant region in India, includes the parts of the Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh states. It is mentioned in the Ramayana and one of the famous Indian Hinduism religious place.
Dhanushkodi - The Lost Island:
                                   is also known as the ghost city and the lost land, located at the tip of Rameswaram island. Dhanushkodi Beach is lies between the junction of the two seas Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean and the only land border between India and Sri Lanka where the remnants of Rama’s Bridge found.
Kalavantin Durg -  Beautiful Abandoned Fort:
                                   is one of the most beautiful abandoned places in India, located between Matheran and Panvel in the Sahyadri mountains of Maharashtra. Kalavantin Durg can be seen from Mumbai Pune expressway and now its a famous trekking place in Maharashtra.
 Kanchenjunga Mountain : Land Of Himalayan Yeti:
                                    is the highest mountain peak in India,located at the border of Nepal and the India in Sikkim. Though its not a strange place to visit but indeed one of the must see place in India along with other four peaks of Great Himalayas, Mysterious Himalayan Yeti can be spotted here.
Sundarbans Delta - The Mangrove Forest:
                                    is the largest mangrove forest in the world and one of the most famous Ramsar sites in India. Sundarbans is a National Park, Tiger Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve, famous for its man eater tigers.
Red Corridor - A Trail Of Blood:
                                    in India is a region which has Naxalite–Maoist insurgency and suffer from the greatest illiteracy, poverty and overpopulation. Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand are two most affected states of Red corridor.

                                                        SOURCE : INTERNET