Haunted :Kundanbhag,Hyderabad.

Kundanbhag is a nice Residential area in Hyderabad. In this bunglow a family reside consisting of Mother & two daughters. Father left the family because he knew all of them were Mentally Handy capped. They used to go to the garbage bin in there santro car daily which is just 2mins walk from there house to throw it. A degree is college is located close to this house. Hostels, temples all around. Bushes have grown longer then the doors. daily night all the members used to walk around the house with candles in hand & some bottles,  they used to spill the liquid in the bottle drop by drop and used to walk take rounds of the house inside the compound. No one works in the family. No1 earns. No newspapers. No cable connection. Only electricity they paid some 2–3years bill in advance. This is what the neighbors saw & concluded.
One day a robber wanted to try his hand in that house. So he stepped in the house through the window he saw the dead bodies of the family laid on the bed. And the poison Bottle a side. He got scared and informed the police. After investigations and medical checkups what was revealed took a shit out of the people around, the police & the entire city. THEY WERE DEAD FEW MONTHS BEFORE. then who used to drive the car??? who used to walk around the house??? what was the red liquid in the bottle which they carried???
the house which was beautifully constructed from outside..was unpainted inside.it was totally brick. the hostel girls, the college girls there, the neighbors everybody were SHOCKED!!
No one knows the truth. today no one dares to go to that place at night. No one is renovating the house. No one is demolishing it either.
Its such a shock & was the talk of the town for quite some time in 2002. ONE OF THE HAUNTED HOUSES OF HYDERABAD


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  2. Reported on TOI


  3. i want to come for investigation i am intrested in such things
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  4. Hi Lekhana Suroju! ,

    I Hope Abhishek will Help You Contact : 8008106556

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  5. August 25

    Guyzzzzz yesterday night me nd my friends went der at night around 1am ,we seems like somebody is receding in that house we can see the lights inside and clothes dried outside ,watercans ,sme ujala bottel,it is like some one is der in the house ,actually this is all from outside but we want to go inside going , going inside at 1am is risk in the sense it is an residencial area,houses around and lights on inside the gate in parking ,if we step inside that will become a big issue if anyone think that we are thief ,so we waited till 6am ,between we enquired with few people who came for morning walk,one guy has said what ever story was said above,and few people are scared they was like we don't know anything about this house please dont ask us anything about this house ,we heard some one is dead and police case is going on u people also better leave this place, another says that this their is no one from past 3 years and we don't know the story,another one says yeah some one is residing inside ,anothere person says that no one reside inside,we asked okay if no one resides inside hw cum the house is clean and der is lights also switched on in parking ,he said two servant's from beside house come daily and finally it is 6am the moment came we went inside,lights were off and no one inside it is locked............What Happen after ?????????? il tell u Catch me on facebook santosh.iafpilot@gmail.com


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