Haunted Places:Grand Paradi Towers, Mumbai,Mumbai.

Grand Paradi Towers, Mumbai is the most famous haunted building in Mumbai. It is located in one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods. The eighth floor of the Grand Paradi Towers in Kemps Corner is the site of several freakish suicides or a gruesome pattern of deaths and accidents. An elderly couple leaped out of their apartment window in 2004. Their children and grandchild followed suit within the next year. There have been at least twenty cases of fatal accidents and suicides since the building was construted in 1976. 

Many of these accidents have involved children, and once a maid jumped or fell out of one of the windows.The family who owned the building began to believe paranormal forces were at work. They decided to do a puja and a havan and ever since then the activity stopped—but the apartment remains unoccupied