Haunted Places:Mukesh Mills,Mumbai.

A Mill  Named "Mukesh Mills" Shut down in 1980, this enormous abandoned mill in Colaba has been the shooting ground for numerous Bollywood films and advertisements.

Deserted and rundown, Mukesh Mills is a ready-made set for horror films and Gothic shows, especially considering the mills are actually considered to be haunted.
 Many directors, actors and producers refuse to work here past sunset.

One television actress claimed to have had a particularly bad experience when one of her female co-stars suddenly began speaking in a manly voice, as if she were possessed, telling the crew to leave the premises immediately.Others say this haunted Mumbai area is jinxed and people are always losing their belongings, wallets and phones.

Mukesh Mills will soon be demolished and replaced by a new high-rise residential and commercial complex and a five-star hotel.